Water is (re)conquering the contemporary agenda of urbanism, and this renewed focus is certainly not uncalled for. Rather, the disappearance of water from urbanists’ view during the 19th and 20th century is remarkable. Water Urbanisms documents different engagements of urbanism with water issues and is subdivided into three main sections. The first section, ‘Water cultures: Essays on water urbanism’ elaborates interplays of urbanism and water in different cultures and regions. ‘Another water urbanism: Vietnamese urban projects’, the second section, gives a podium to recent experimental projects and studies in Vietnam, a country that is on the verge of literally drowning in water. The third and final section, ‘Explorations and speculations: Excerpts of water urbanism’ gathers a wide range of excerpts from recent and ongoing urban design explorations of existing and potential relations between water and urbanism.

Kelly Shannon, Bruno De Meulder, Viviana d’Auria, Janina Gosseye (eds.) Water Urbanisms (Amsterdam: SUN, 2008).