This Masters design studio, which was run by Janina Gosseye together with Andrew Wilson at the UQ School of Architecture (semester 1, 2014), investigated possible design solutions for the urban problems faced by Gympie, including the recurrent flooding of Gympie’s downtown, issues of connectivity on both the regional and urban scale, the (real estate) development pressure on the region’s coastal areas, and last but not least, the unrecognised and under-appreciated (gold mining) heritage of ‘downtown’ Gympie. The studio traversed different scale levels: from the region to the town in the first part of the semester, to the local (small) scale in the second part of the semester. On each of these levels, students were asked to propose alternative futures for Gympie and the wider region. The studio aimed to train students in design research, and teach them to work across different scale levels. It also sought to sharpen their understanding of the economic, social, political, cultural and environmental forces that shape the city and enhance their ability to speculate on future possibilities.

A Forest Station
Student: Tsz Wai Chan