‘Lost in conversation: Constructing the oral history of modern architecture’, was the title of a one-day symposium organised at the University of Queensland in November 2013, and chaired by Janina Gosseye, Naomi Stead and Deborah van der Plaat. The call for papers posited that ‘[e]ven though this novel research method [oral history] has brought about a significant expansion of the existing canon of modern architecture, its use within the discipline of architectural history and – theory is not (yet?) set in stone and research results are consequently widely diverging.’ The conference aimed to on the one hand explore issues of knowledge-generation relating to post-war architecture through the use of oral history and on the other hand problematize the ‘operational’ aspects of this methodology within the discipline.

Presenters included: Julie Gatley, Adele Leah, Sara Lee, Hannah Lewi, Silvia Micheli and Louise Stevenson.

The conference programme and book of abstracts can be downloaded here.

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