In 2014 Janina Gosseye and Deborah van der Plaat (from the University of Queensland School of Architecture) developed an architectural film competition in collaboration with the State Library of Queensland and the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. This film competition received financial support from the Australian Research Council and several Brisbane-based architectural firms: Conrad Gargett Riddel – Ancher Mortlock Woolley, BVN – Donovan Hill and Wilson Architects.

The competition brief posited that putting the terms ‘modern architecture’ and ‘heritage’ together suggests an oxymoron for many, and is particularly true in Queensland. Even though there is no reason why a twentieth century building should be considered less ‘historically significant’ than its eighteenth or nineteenth century counterpart, the state’s mid-century modern heritage is increasingly lost to new development, torn down with little public comment or debate. We invited participants to get ‘Hot and Bothered’ about the architecture of modern Queensland and make a film about a building they love to start a debate. Submitted films were to be no longer than 3 minutes and needed to include the words ‘love it or hate it’.

A promotional film was produced to advertise the film competition:

The jury members were: Fiona Gardiner (Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection), Philip Goad (University of Melbourne), Janina Gosseye, Sandra Kaji-O’Grady (University of Queensland), John Macarthur (University of Queensland), Malcolm Middleton (Queensland Government Architect), Richard Stringer (Brisbane photographer) and Deborah van der Plaat (University of Queensland).

The winner was announced during a special event held at the State Library of Queensland on 29 September 2014. Watch the winning entry by Alex and Robert Chomicz here:

Here are some of the other competition entries: